Flowers for horses – Colorful

🌱Natural Flower sprinkles as an addition to your horse's feed. Flavors of the meadow in every meal

Top quality natural flower petals <3

35,00  z VAT

Cornflower + Calendula + Chamomile + Lime leaf

Floral feed additive 🌳

Horses in the wild consume flowers staying most of the time in an open , large area. Changing their lifestyle to one in which they spend most of their time in a cubicle, access to them is greatly reduced or entirely unavailable. Flower petals are loved by horses and their wonderful properties can do a lot of good, which is why unique flower blends have been created to add to meals.

🪵How to administer and dose ?

Flowers can be added to any meal consisting of oats alone, muesli or pellets. Also to mash. We recommend pouring boiling water so that the flowers make an infusion, which should be added to the diet after cooling.

🌸Why floral sprinkle?

With a sprinkling of dried calendula petals, cornflower and linden leaves, the trunk has anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, it has antibacterial and, anti-fungal properties. And the horses just love it.

🏅Why choose our flowers?

Quality is our priority and we pay great attention to the smallest details at every stage of production. All flowers are intended for human consumption. Their wonderful smell and taste will interest even the most picky horses. The flakes naturally have such intense colors and the smell of the meal will linger around the stable for a long time.
A tube contains 100g of product
Add after meal or pour boiling water and after cooling add feed
Cornflowers, calendula, chamomile, linden leaf dried

raw fiber

Box with a mixture of dried flowers (cornflower, calendula, chamomile and linden leaf) - a supplement to the horse's feed


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