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Are we the only ones who don't like it when the feed doesn't arrive on time or you simply forget to order it due to workload? Find out more and take advantage of the subscription option.

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Why is it worth trusting us?

A Polish product

Fully made in Poland from the highest quality products

Highest quality

Each of our products is tested many times at each stage of production – thanks to this we are sure that our feeds are of the highest quality

Advanced formula

New and advanced formulae tailored to meet the highest needs of sport, recreational and breeding horses, as well as the smallest pony companions, created by specialists

Vitamins and minerals

The feed stuffs contain an additional set of specially selected vitamins and minerals – so you can be sure that your horse’s needs are fully satisfied

Subscription model

From now on it will be our duty to keep in mind your horse’s needs; you just place your order once, and each month your horse will receive the feed he or she needs with a gift from us!

Fast delivery time

Feeds that will always reach you on time!

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miejsce na food book

Introducing a new feed brand in the polish market

Maja and Agata – two horse lovers associated with horses since childhood. A joint passion as well as joint problems related to the care of horses. This is how the idea was born to create a product responding to the needs of horses and their owners.

How did it all start?