Grass Cubes – Grass Cubes

Cubes made from a selected, milled and then compressed blend of grasses and alfalfa that contain no additives. Grass Cubes is an excellent protein feed rich in fiber and dietary fiber for use as a supplement to daily meals.

High-quality compressed mixture of grasses and alfalfa
Supports digestion and cares for the digestive system, recommended for horses with ulcers
Recommended for older horses that have problems with food intake
Ideal dietary supplement for sport horses with high protein and fiber requirements
An ideal fiber supplement for all types of horses and ponies.
Supplemental feed for all horses and ponies­čÉ┤. Grass Cubes are an ideal dietary supplement in the form of cubes that can only be fed wet after pouring water so that the grasses are fully soaked. For use as a supplement or substitute for concentrate feed and suitable as a primary feed. It consists of a selected, milled and then compressed mixture of grasses and alfalfa­čîż that do not contain any additives

Recommended for horses fed poor quality hay to supplement their daily fiber intake. A high content of cellulose, protein with a high lysine and calcium content helps maintain healthy intestinal flora, ensuring optimal nutrition for sport horses. Feed, thanks low in sugar and starch provides a natural source of slow-release energy and does not cause hyperactivity. Its easy storage and compressed form also makes it a perfect feed for transport and competition.

When fed as an additive, it slows down the intake of concentrate feed and aids digestive processes, so it will work well in feeding horses with ulcers, those with digestive problems and those who take feed too quickly.

Dusted feed is particularly beneficial for horses suffering from allergic conditions and animals with delicate digestive tracts, as it is characterized by the absence of dirt and dust. Recommended in the feeding of older horses with dental problems, maintenance of stable body weight, as after soaking it becomes easy to chew and readily absorbed by animals. For horses receiving medications or powdered supplements, it is an ideal method of wet administration.

No additives
Affordable form
Low levels of starch and sugar
Rich in cellulose, protein and lysine
High calcium content
No dirt and dust

Feed can only be given wet after pouring lukewarm water for about 20 minutes so that the grasses are fully soaked.
A mixture of grasses (Phleum pratense, Lolium italicum, Lolium perenne, Poa pratensis, Dactylis glomerata, Bromus inermis, Bromus catharticus) and alfalfa (Medicago sativa). Country of origin: Italy.

Metabolic energy
8.8 MJ/kg
Crude protein
Raw fat
Crude fiber
Raw ash

400kg 500kg 600kg na 100kg masy ciała
Non-working/light work – with concentrated feed. 800 g 1000 g 1200 g 200 g
Non-working/Light work – instead of hay 3200 g 4000 g 4800 g 800 g
Medium work – with concentrate feed 1200 g 1500 g 1800 g 300 g
Medium work – instead of hay 4000 g 5000 g 6000 g 1000 g
Hard work – with concentrated feed 1600 g 2000 g 2400 g 400 g
Hard work – instead of hay 4800 g 6000 g 7200 g 1200 g

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