Energy muesli

A complete feed mix in the form of tasty muesli for horses and ponies in sports training of various disciplines that need extra energy during training or competition, containing essential vitamins and minerals. For use as a replacement for oats or as a supplement to daily feeding.

For all types of horses and sport ponies
Metabolic energy of as much as 14 MJ
Provides additional energy
Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals - includes Grassland Everyday Care vitamin and mineral supplement
For all types of horses and sport ponies in constant training that need extra energy and strength.
A complete feed mix in the form of tasty and aromatic (with herbs) muesli for horses and ponies in sports training of all disciplines that need extra energy during training. With an energy level of 14 MJ, it will provide extra strength during greater exertion and competition starts, and allow it to recover quickly.

Recipe based on high energy components, i.e. high starch and high fat. Provides the nutritional values necessary for the proper functioning of the horse’s body and combines quick-release energy with late-release energy derived from linseed oil, which improves productivity. High digestibility, thanks to hydrothermally treated grains, improves digestion and accelerates recovery after training. The content of rice bran, vitamin E and selenium has a beneficial effect on muscles and accelerates their recovery after exercise. In addition, rice bran is a source of natural plant-based omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and causes proper muscle protein synthesis. The feed also provides essential amino acids and a high dose of biotin to improve the quality of the skin, coat and support the strength of the muscular system.

Grassland Everyday Care vitamin granules, included in the feed, provide adequate amounts of high-quality vitamins and minerals, in horses with no known deficiencies. It enables optimal absorption of nutrients and maintains proper muscle function and immune system health. The feed, thanks to its high content of vitamin B12, improves the ability to concentrate, reduces susceptibility to stress and contributes to improving performance to meet the needs of horses in hard work.

The feed does not contain oats and molasses in the composition, and the addition of sodium chloride helps keep the horse’s body properly hydrated. The combination of herbs, namely chamomile, which has diastolic properties, and lemon balm, which exhibits calming effects, will be perfect for feeding sport horses exposed to intense effort and stress, further increasing the palatability of the mix.

High energy
13% high-quality protein
Combines fast-release energy with late-release energy
Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals
High in vitamin B12
Addition of herbs: chamomile and lemon balm

serve dry
Micronized corn, Grassland Everyday Care pellets, micronized barley, barley malt, nigella cake, flax cake, apple pomace, rice bran, flax oil, granulated dried alfalfa, dried lemon balm leaf, dried chamomile herb, sodium chloride.

Metabolic energy
14 MJ/kg
Crude protein
Raw fat
Crude fiber
Raw ash
Additives in 1 kg
Vit. A (3672a)
22,000 IU.
Vit. D3 (3a671)
2,200 IU.
Vit. E (3a700)
60 mg
Vit. C (3a300)
30 mg
Vit. B1 (3a821)
15 mg
Vit. B6 (3a831)
14 mg
Vit.B12 (3a835)
150 mcg
Biotin (3a880)
1,140 mcg
Fe (Iron Chelate)(3b103)
100 mg
Zn (Zinc Chelate)(3b603)
120 mg
Mn (Manganese Chelate)(3b502)
90 mg
Cu (Copper Chelate)(3B405)
20 mg
Se (Selenomethionine)(3b801)
0.5 mg
J (E2 calcium iodate)(3b202)
0.7 mg
Antioxidants (1b320)

400kg 500kg 600kg na 100kg masy ciała
Non-working / Light work 400 g 500 g 600 g 100 g
Average work 800 g 1000 g 1200 g 200 g
Hard work 1200 g 1500 g 1800 g 300 g
Very hard work 1400 g 1800 g 2000 g 350 g
It is recommended to divide the dose into 3-5 meals.

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