Basic muesli

A complete feed mix in the form of tasty muesli for lightly working horses and ponies that function well on low-energy feed, as well as for non-working horses, containing essential vitamins and minerals. For use as a replacement for oats or as a supplement to daily feeding.

For all types of horses and ponies, including those not working for various reasons
Low energy levels
Low protein content
Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals - includes Grassland Everyday Care vitamin and mineral supplement
For all types of horses and lightly worked ponies that function well on low-energy feed.
Grassland Basic’s complete feed is an extremely appetizing muesli and a stable source of energy (1 kg of feed is a source of 8.9 MJ). It will work well as an oat substitute, a dietary base, or an addition to the daily feeding of lightly worked horses that function well on low-energy feed, thereby increasing the palatability of the meal. Forage can be combined with oats, preferably while supplementing the diet with Grassland Everyday Care supplement to maintain adequate vitamins and minerals.

The balanced formulation provides an optimal amount of slow-release energy and provides the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the horse’s body. The sunflower hulls and alfalfa pellets contained in the feed provide high-quality fiber, supplemented with essential amino acids and calcium. The feed contains a small amount of protein, but thanks to the addition of rice bran, which is both a source of fat, it covers its basic needs. The low content of micronized cereals, the absence of oats and molasses, improves the digestibility of the feed making it easily digestible and also suitable for horses with hyperactivity. In addition, the product has a good ratio of fiber to starch.

Vitamin granules included in the feed Grassland Everyday Care Provides an adequate amount of high-quality vitamins and minerals (in horses without known deficiencies). It enables optimal absorption of nutrients and maintains proper muscle function and immune system health.

The aromatic aroma of the herbs stimulates the appetite, making the feed an excellent choice for sport horses that are temporarily excluded from intensive training, in convalescence, undergoing treatment or staying in the clinic, as well as for non-working horses. When feeding sick horses, we recommend consulting a veterinarian about the diet.

Low energy
High quality protein and fiber
Easily digestible
No oats or molasses
Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals
Addition of herbs: nettle and lemon balm

serve dry
Granulated dried alfalfa, apple pomace, Grassland Everyday Care granules, micronized barley, rice bran, chokeberry pomace, flax cake, barley malt, micronized corn, sunflower husk, dried lemon balm leaf, nettle herb, sodium chloride.

Metabolic energy
8.9 MJ/kg
Crude protein
Raw fat
Crude fiber
Raw ash
Vit. A (3672a)
22,000 IU.
Vit. D3 (3a671)
2,200 IU.
Vit. E (3a700)
60 mg
Vit. C (3a300)
30 mg
Vit. B1 (3a821)
15 mg
Vit. B2 (3a825ii)
22 mg
Vit. B6 (3a831)
14 mg
Vit.B12 (3a835)
150 mcg
Biotin (3a880)
1,140 mcg
Fe (Iron Chelate)(3b103)
100 mg
Zn (Zinc Chelate)(3b603)
120 mg
Mn (Manganese Chelate)(3b502)
90 mg
Cu (Copper Chelate)(3B405)
20 mg
Se (Selenomethionine)(3b801)
0.5 mg
J (E2 calcium iodate)(3b202)
0.7 mg
Antioxidants (1b320)

400kg 500kg 600kg na 100kg masy ciała
Non-working / Light work 1600 g 2000 g 2400 g 400 g
Average work 2400 g 3000 g 3600 g 600 g
Hard work 3200 g 4000 g 4800 g 800 g
Very hard work 4000 g 5000 g 6000 g 1000 g
It is recommended to divide the dose into 3-5 meals.

Opakowanie musli dla koni Basic




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